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Karl Allmenröder - Iron Cross EK I EK II Blue Max
Rank: Leutnant
Date of Award:
Cross Class: Iron Cross EK I EK II Blue Max
Branch of Service:
Description of Action: Allmenröder was only 18 when the war began but became an artilleryman and was commissioned in 1915. With his brother Willi he transferred to the air service and flew two-seaters before joining Jagdstaffel 11 in November 1916. After Manfred von Richthofen assumed command, Allmenröder quickly rose in the pantheon of Jasta 11 stars.

"Karlchen" achieved nine victories by the end of April 1917, then made his mark with 13 in May. He received the Pour le Mérite and reached 30 victories before being shot down on June 27, undoubtedly the victim of anti-aircraft fire. It has been said that Allmenröder was shot down by Canadian ace Raymond Collishaw but the time and place do not match.
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